[NEWS] SHINee’s Taemin to have a Solo Debut in August, Now in Final Phrase of Preparation


On 25 July, According to the Entertainment Source, SHINee Taemin is preparing for a solo debut album, and is currently preparing in full swing for final work. Although it is the release schedule is not confirmed, it aims to release in mid of August.

According to the sources, Taemin went to Los Angeles to meet with a choreographer, among other album preparations. With his preparations almost finalized, it will not be long until Taemin is ready to film his music video.

SHINee debuted in 2008 and aside from participating in special sub-united, Taemin would be the first of the SHINee members to promote as a solo act. 

Source: MBC Exclusive
English Source: Soompi

kpauper replied to your post: omg the taemin solo is confirmed for m…


according to this article xD

omg the taemin solo is confirmed and set to happen in mid august!!!!

taekey said:
"How about we go back to my place? I’ve got board games." taekey xD


here you are! :)

Taemin is absolutely, completely, totally, excruciatingly bored.

He doesn’t know why on earth he’d agreed to attend this party. It isn’t even a fun kind of party with dancing and alcohol and people more interested in yelling randomly across a beer pong table than making tedious small talk. No, this is a formal, official, business-type party, complete with itchy suits, bland snack plates of fruit and cheese, and soft elevator-ish music playing in the background. It’s not Taemin’s kind of thing at all.

And all right, okay, maybe he does kinda-sorta know why he’s here. Kibum is here, after all, and Kibum had invited him as well, and that’s reason enough for anything. It’s especially a reason since Taemin barely ever gets to see Kibum anymore- after the latter had graduated from university two years ago, their paths just haven’t crossed all that often, not like when Kibum had been in school with Taemin too, and they’d spent a wonderful, ridiculous, glorious amount of time together. 

Taemin sighs and shuffles his feet, resigned to lurking around the fringes of the room while Kibum and everyone else socializes and networks in a boring display of maturity and adulthood. Everything just feels so awkward. It’s awful. Taemin hates it. He would have peaced out ages ago if this hadn’t been such a golden opportunity to at least surreptitiously stare at Kibum as he laughs and talks and just glows from all the attention he’s receiving.

“Hey, what’s up?” A friendly shoulder nudges his as someone settles in to lean beside him against the wall. “You look miserable.”

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