mrkimm said:
*kisses cheek* You’ve got the kissing disease!! spread it by kissing the next ten people on your dash! ♥

awwwwww this is so cute

Anonymous said:
Where is shinee at the moment? Are they on tour? :( I need to catch up! Thankyou xx

ah, hello! may i ask up to what point you need to catch up? (does that question even make sense orz) shinee has been focusing on individual activities for the last few months. taemin has already pretty much wrapped up his ACE promos, jonghyun is doing blue night, onew is recovering from his throat surgery etc. i think they’re trying to give onew time to heal fully before  their tour which is gonna start on september 28th. they have like 30 shows until december 14!! just recently they were one the ultimate group. that’s all i can think of! 

*edit* i forgot the japanese promotions and downtown baby!